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Dell Social Integration

The total social impression reach for the KHS + Dell video was over 1.4 million from a mere 4 social posts! Total social engagements (likes, comments, re-tweets, shares, and favorites) were 18,013.


The Smosh + Dell video had a total social reach of 9,295,519 impressions from, once again, a mere 4 social posts! The social engagements totaled over 42,101.

Dell Digital Display

Smosh ran takeovers for 7 days with 100% SOV, delivering over 9 million impressions. Additionally, Smosh network pre-roll had a .96% CTR, with the Selfie 15s creative performing the best with an overall 67.75% completion rate. Mobile Pre-roll had a high CTR of 2.78%.


The page engage also had an impressive overall engagement rate of 2.69%, delivering 9,400 engagements. 

Dell + YouTube [Kurt Hubert Schneider and Smosh- YouTube Stars]

Defy leveraged YouTube stars, Smosh and KHS, to create custom Youtube content to drive their campaign message of “Learning Meets Doing." Dell was placed front and center, showcasing their reach and connection to younger audiences.


Total Video Engagements for KHS (Likes, Comments, Shares) reached over 16,195 with a 98% likability ratio. This KHS video, highlighting Dell reached 1.5 million YouTube views with approximately 2,000 clicks to the brand site.


Audience Engagement for the Smosh video reached 4,500 with a 99% likability ratio. The video boasted over 1.2 million YouTube views with approximately 1,000 link clicks to Dell's brand site.

Dell Case Study

Defy Media
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