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WOMEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE [print + digital]

Women’s Health is the must-have action plan for today’s modern woman. From beauty and style to fitness and nutrition, Women’s Health gives readers the tools they need to make instant, positive changes in their lives.

Women’s Health propels consumers into action. Providing the motivation and the inspiration, our immense brand drives 30 million consumers to buy.


Notable achievements include:



11.1 million readers—increasing our audience total by 4%

• Top newsstand seller with 310,768 copies—an increase of 14%

98% of readers take action on what they read in Women's Health each month



8 million average monthly uniques

125% growth in uniques, year over year

38 million average monthly page views



#16 on list of top 25 Magazine brands—Likes/Followers

4 million Likes: More likes than Self, Shape, Fitness, and Marie Claire

2.6 million Twitter followers: Among top 10 magazine brands with the largest % growth More followers than Self, Shape, Fitness, and Glamour, combined

300K Pinterest followers: More than Glamour, Shape, Marie Claire, Fitness and Cosmopolitan

200K Instagram followers: More than Self, Shape and Fitness

• WH has 7.1 million connections across 4 main platforms


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