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Chevy turns April Fools' into the #BestDayEver

April 1st usually brings out silly and, let's face it, sometimes downright annoying pranks. But what happens when a brand uses WhoSay's star studded line-up to "prank" students all around the country in a good way? Check out how Chevy turned what could have been a regular day into the #BestDayEver by having celebrities step in as guest speakers in unsuspecting classrooms around the country.

Nikki Reed and fiance Ian Somerhalder crashed an Emory marketing class in Atlanta last Wednesday surprising fans and delivering an inspiring message about giving back. Not your typical April Fools' prank! Focusing more on the comedic aspect of the holiday was Alex Baldwin who showed up to teach an Occidental College U.S. History class dressed up as Abraham Lincoln.

But Chevy's #BestDayEver didn't stop there. A typical day at the Made in NY Production Assistant program turned extraordinary when Olivia Wilde (a former PA herself) stepped in to teach the shocked and excited students. Wilde shared her own journey in the film industry and gave heartfelt advice all while praising Chevrolet and WhoSay's unique advertising approach saying, "I really love creative advertising, and I think when a big company like Chevy decided to take this approach and create a special experience for people, not only do I think that's smart advertising but I just admire it as a way to give back."

Last, but certainly not least, Norman Reedus crashed a TV Production class at St. Johns University in New York. (That's one way to ensure your students aren't zombie-like in an early morning class!) Reedus gave insights into the industry and chatted with students about The Walking Dead. Reedus posted a video of the #BestDayEver prank on Facebook that has garnered over 1.3 million views alone. See the full video below.

Overall, this campaign not only gained significant social media attention, but has earned press in media outlets such as E!, People Magazine, Mashable, and many more (see links in post.) And that's no joke.

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