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The British Are Coming!

Lee Media Group is proud to announce that we are now representing! We can't wait to share with you the numerous opportunities available for your brand with one of the top news networks in the world.

With over 35.9 million unique page views per month, is the ultimate platform for brand promotion. Whether you are utilizing one of the traditional facets of BBC that includes news, sports, business, health, and technology, or exploring opportunities with top BBC entities such as Top Gear or the newly re-launched BBC Travel, clients are guaranteed an uncluttered environment with targeted ads that ensure visability and traction.

Also, now that March Madness is over BBC wants to give you a new game to wage your bets on!

The 4th in line to the British throne is ready to meet the world at the end of this month and we are inviting you to predict the details. Take your best guess at name, date, time, weight, and length and you will be entered to win an assortment of fabulous prizes from BBC for being closest. Enter here.

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